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02/10/2015 - 2/12/2015
John Hopkins University

OpenTox USA 2015

OpenTox USA 2015 took place 10-12 February at Johns Hopkins University. The goal of the meeting was to discuss and develop important components for driving 21st-century approaches to safety assessment forward. We assume that collaboration driven by an open global platform and open standards will be a key success factor. Integrating heterogeneous evidence supported by a common knowledge framework and ecosystem of tools and partners will enable practical application, judgments, and decisions including industrial application and regulatory acceptance. The program involved conference sessions, hands-on workshops, poster sessions, and knowledge cafes.

The main themes of the meeting were:

  • Data Science, facilitated by Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect)
  • Adverse Outcome Pathways, facilitated by Stephen Edwards (US EPA)
  • Exposure Modelling, facilitated by Tim Pastoor (Syngenta)
  • Integrating Evidence and Analysis, facilitated by Thomas Hartung (Johns Hopkins)
  • Risk Assessment & Management Applications, facilitated by Grace Patlewicz (Du Pont)
  • See the OpenTox USA 2015 program