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07/11/2018 - 07/12/2018
North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Raleigh-Durham, NC

OpenTox USA 2018

North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Raleigh-Durham, NC

Event Recap: How one local chapter is helping to build OpenTox Community

Presentations: Watch the OpenTox USA 2018 playlist

Theme: Maximizing the benefits of in vitro- in silico approaches in toxicology and risk assessment in an ever-changing data landscape.

Conference Topics: 

  • 1. Ontologies for interoperability of data in predictive toxicology, risk, and safety assessment 
  • 2. Precision medicine and applications in predictive toxicology
  • 3. Reproducibility of in silico analysis in predictive toxicology
  • 4. Open data standards and data sharing principles for enabling predictive toxicology collaborations.

Conference Chairs:

Stephen Edwards (RTI International), Annie Jarabek (US EPA), Huixiao Hong (US FDA), Helen Pan (RTI International)

Organising Committee:

Noffisat Oki, Stephen Edwards, North Carolina OTA local Chapter members, Brendan Hardy, Barry Hardy, Thomas Exner, Rob Reedijk

Conference Program: