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Peter A. Behnisch

OpenTox Virtual Conference 2021 Session 9

Development and application of a comprehensive validated endocrine disrupter panel using human mechanistic assays

Endocrine disruption has been recognized as a priority endpoint in the safety evaluation of chemicals and consumer products. Endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs) are being classified as substances of very high concern and regulations to restrict their use are being installed worldwide. EDC effects are hard to predict and are best tested using in vitro bioassays. To avoid animal studies BDS has developed a range of assays that allow screening and safety assessment of chemicals and consumer products in a rapid and cost-effective manner. We have focused on those pathways that are of established relevance and in the focus of regulators and international organisations like OECD. The panel of assays thus focuses on the assessment of interferences with estrogen-, androgen- and thyroid pathways and steroidogenesis (EATS) using robust and quantitative human CALUX reporter gene technology, and complementary assays. To promote acceptance these assays have been validated extensively and included in relevant guidelines.