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Ramez Labib

OpenTox Virtual Conference 2021 Session 10 Summary 

Environmental Risk Assessment of Personal Care Products

Personal care products (PCPs) are typically emitted to the environment under normal use and water is the main environmental compartment exposed to PCPs. Regulators and scientists have thus begun focusing on PCPs as a potential water quality concern. PCP manufacturers are increasingly motivated to leverage available data on potential exposure and hazards to the natural environment to guide sustainable decision-making and minimize the potential for products to cause adverse environmental effects. The purpose of this session is to present the advances in scientific tools that address some of the challenges to better assess the ecological risks of chemical ingredients used in personal care products.

CV: Ramez Labib is the Executive Director of Global Product  Safety and Regulatory Operations at Avon Products with extensive risk assessment and regulatory compliance experience in the consumer sector. He leads interdisciplinary teams responsible for ensuring that Avon’s existing and new cosmetic and nutritional products can be used safely by consumers and for preserving Avon’s Brand and Corporate reputation whilst also maintaining business continuity. He is also an adjunct associate professor at Rutgers University in  Newark NJ, where he has been teaching graduate courses in  Toxicology for the past fifteen years. Ramez received his doctoral degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of  New Jersey in 2002 and has authored several review articles.