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Tomaž Mohorič
Computational Scientist at Edelweiss Connect.

Dr. Tomaž Mohorič is a Computational Scientist at Edelweiss Connect. He obtained a Ph.D. in physical chemistry at the University of Ljubljana. During PhD, he has specialised in computer simulations of simple and complex liquids, in particular under non-equilibrium states. One example was the extensive computational studies of microwave heating of water and aqueous solutions. Besides that, he also participated in a multinational team of physicists, who studied by theory and in practice the properties of magnetic colloids under non-equilibrium conditions. 

After that, he worked as a research scientist in analytics development at Krka d.d., where he gained first-hand experience from the pharmaceutical industry. He joined EwC in 2019 to contribute to the modeling and data analysis for the replacement of animal testing.

OpenTox Virtual Conference 2021 Session 14

An approach to reproducible analysis of toxicological data

The talk will focus on a couple of examples that demonstrate a good data management practice in the context of in vitro assays. We will highlight the role of metadata and cloud-based solutions in supporting transparent data flow from lab-generated raw data, to processed data and to final data analysis using modern web-based applications that allow even non-expert users to easily explore and visualize the data. Such workflows are important to ensure data consistency, transparency, and traceability thus increasing our confidence in scientific conclusions drawn from such studies.