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Ugis Srakans
(EMBL - EBI), Heidelberg)

OpenTox 2021 Virtual Conference Session 14 Summary

Open, FAIR data for toxicology

In this session, we will look at the importance of open, FAIR data and interoperable computational workflows to advance predictive toxicology research. We will cover examples of open data resources, reproducible data analysis, and enabling infrastructures.

CV: Dr. Ugis Sarkans leads the Functional Genomics Software Development team at EMBL-EBI. He was involved in the development of ArrayExpress, a public gene expression data resource (and currently an ELIXIR core resource), and the associated community standards. Ugis’ team now develops and runs the BioStudies database, resources for aggregation of heterogeneous biomedical data linked to the publication. The team also maintains ArrayExpress, is involved in building the BioImage Archive, and collaborates on a number of European ‘multi-omics projects in a data management capacity. Prior to joining EBI Ugis was a postdoc at the University of Wales. His main scientific interests are related to knowledge and data management.