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Contact Info
Asmaa Ali Abdelwahab
OpenTox 2021 Intern

I had my BSc in Computer and Software Engineering. Then, I completed a machine learning internship at rfrnz GmbH followed by a full-time position as an associate data scientist for two years at Rosettastein Consulting GmbH.

While working, I completed a professional diploma in bioinformatics at Nile University, focusing on the computational aspects followed by an academic diploma in bioinformatics at Suez Canal University, focusing on the biological aspects, and I was mostly interested in computational drug design and next-generation sequencing data analysis. Also, I completed a Biomedical research internship to learn about lab work skills and procedures. Recently, I completed a Big Data training program at National Telecommunications Institute and got certified by Huawei (HCIA-Big Data). Currently, I joined the MCIT Machine Learning Training program from Amazon where we go through the same Machine Learning curriculum used to train Amazon’s developers and get the Machine Learning specialty certification by the end of the program after successfully passing the exam. Also, I am participating as a teaching assistant for the H3abionet Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics Course 2021. I am currently pursuing a Master in informatics at Nile University, Egypt. My research interest is mainly in cheminformatics aiming for discovering new drugs to treat chronic diseases and designing new tools that accelerate the drug design process. I have recently participated in a review article entitled “An Overview of COVID-19 Treatment: Possible Candidates Based on Drug Repurposing and Molecular Docking”. I just started working on my thesis and it is about the applications of machine learning in the area of drug metabolism. Currently, I am looking forward to having a valuable contribution as a part of the “OpenTox Internship Program 2021”.