OpenTox USA 2015 Baltimore

Driving the Big Science Challenge in Safety Forward
OpenTox USA 2015, Baltimore, MD
Tue, 10. Feb. 2015 to Thu, 12. Feb. 2015

Charles Commons, Johns Hopkins University
10 East 33rd Street,
! use only E 33rd Street Entrance !


Baltimore, MD USA 21218


Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect) and
Thomas Hartung (Johns Hopkins)

At this meeting we will discuss and develop important components for driving 21st century approaches to safety assessment forward. Their successful assembly and application will benefit greatly the health of our society and our environment and the private and public sector activities supporting those goals.

This meeting is not meant to be just a discussion but rather an assembly of people and resources that can generate momentum, new innovations and significant change.

We assume that collaboration driven by an open global platform and open standards will be a key success factor. Integrating heterogenous evidence supported by a common knowledge framework and ecosystem of tools and partners will enable practical application, judgements and decisions.

The outcomes of this meeting should lead to new propositions, and significant advancements in safety frameworks, products and services.

Hands-on Workshops

In the Hands-on Workshops groups will join tables to work intensively on trying out new methods and tools including the use of OpenTox data services and applications, mapping data to AOP development, working with a Risk21 tool, discussing Read Across, carrying out a meta analysis across heterogenous data, and working through a risk assessment based on a Weight of Evidence.

Knowledge Café

The Knowledge Café discussions at this meeting will aim to produce concrete propositions and actions to advance applications during 2015 and beyond.

Abstract Submission

We welcome submitted abstracts for consideration for the conference and workshop program. Please use the "Submissions" option available under the Events Menu Tab. All abstracts will be reviewed by the organising committee.