OpenTox Association

OpenTox AssociationBackground

OpenTox has been a successful effort thus far in its technical and scientific dimensions A lot of excellent work was accomplished during the OpenTox project, from which a community has developed around the ideas and concepts.

Further work is required on OpenTox development and sustainability involving a longer term roadmap to maximize impact and exploitation.

To help promote its further evolution in a market ecosystem of users, developers, partners and other key influencers of the toxicology community, a non-profit association will provide a common forum for focused initiatives to provide dissemination support in the market ecosystem. Benefits will accrue to the entire OpenTox community of stakeholders including users, key influencers, and developers who will have a well-defined place to reach out for fully responsive interactions and support.

We offer a significant student discount (including post-doc) for prospective members. 


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in promoting or using the work of OpenTox. The association provides several benefits:

1. The association publishes and promotes (via website, scientific meetings, etc.) the accomplishments of the OpenTox project for the benefit of institutions, companies, and individuals with an interest in toxicology who may be able to build on the work of OpenTox.

2. The association provides guidance and assistance to institutions, companies, and individuals with an interest in using or building on the work of OpenTox.

3. The association publishes and promotes the expertise of the partners involved in the OpenTox project, potentially opening up new opportunities for the partners, individually and jointly.

4. The association provides an authoritative forum to discuss and resolve issues (technical and legal) relating to current and future work (academic and commercial) based on OpenTox.

5. The existence of an OpenTox association provides more credibility and backing to partners pursuing future opportunities in the emerging field of 21st-century toxicology.

6. The association meetings provide a forum for members to keep up-to-date and to explore new opportunities as they arise.


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