OpenTox USA 2016

Sun, 10. Apr. 2016 to Tue, 12. Apr. 2016

Charles Commons, Johns Hopkins University
10 East 33rd Street,
! use only E 33rd Street Entrance !


Baltimore, MD USA 21218


Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect) and
Thomas Hartung (Johns Hopkins)


OpenTox USA Hackathon in association with:

Pan-American Conference for Alternative Methods

OpenTox Hackathon on Case-driven Data Analysis

10-12 April 2016
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore


1) To organise a “Bring the data” workshop and to work on it together to support case-driven analysis aimed towards impact in the area of application and acceptance of alternatives-based evidence for read across, evidence-based and ab initio based risk assessment purposes;;

2) To bring interdisciplinary expertise together to crowd-hack scientific and software solutions on advancing case study analysis needs, ideas and results;

3) To bring together different stakeholder perspectives related to OpenTox - research, application, innovation, industry and regulatory;

4) To brainstorm the potential for collaboration, infrastructure development and value creation around an OpenTox philosophy and harmonisation, quality and open standards goals.


The workshop will provide a) case studies, b) data, c) emphasis on time to work on cases and data analysis and discussion, d) a great atmosphere to develop ideas and relationships while solving problems together.