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OpenTox Spring Hackathon 2024 Program

OpenTox Spring Hackathon 2024 - Preliminary Program 

***Please note that you are not required to adhere to specific hours during the Hackathon, which runs from 14:00 to 18:00 CEST. You can work at your own convenience and availability.

First Day (15/04/2024)

14.00 CEST:  Introduction to Hackathon Resources, Challenges and Guidance

  • Barry Hardy - Introduction to the OpenToxAI Hackathon
  • Asmaa Ali - Brief introduction to the Hackathon Guide & Challenges
  • Jeff Wiseman - Introduction to Challenge 1 
  • Tomaz Mohoric - Introduction to the EU-ToxRisk dataset
  • Divanshu Anand / Daniel Burgwinkel - Introduction to Knowledge Graphs & Cypher Query Language
  • Asmaa Ali - Final Remarks about the challenges

16.00 CEST:  Hackathon Team Work Starts

Second Day (16/04/2024)

14.00 CEST:  Discussion of Team Progress and Issues

Third-Day (17/04/2024)

14.00 CEST: Discussion of Team Progress and Issues

Fourth Day (18/04/2024)

14.00 CEST: Discussion of Team Progress and Issues

Fifth Day (19/04/2024)

14.00 CEST: Team Submission deadline

14.30 CEST: Team Presentations

15.30 CEST: Judges Start Project Evaluation

17.30 CEST: Evaluation Feedback and Team Winner Announcement