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Endocrine Disruption

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals which can interact with nuclear receptors and alter endocrine function which leads to various adverse health effects in humans. The evidence that endocrine disruptors could disrupt endocrine systems sparked intense international scientific discussion and debate, culminating in issuance of legislation that reauthorized the Safe Drinking Water Act and the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act. These laws mandated that the Environmental Protection Agency develop an endocrine disruptor screening program. This session will give a deep and insightful discussion about the endocrine disruptors and their mechanisms to alter the function of the endocrine proteins such as estrogen receptor, androgen receptor, etc. Mainly the core important hormone enzymes Estrogen-related receptor alpha and Aldo–Keto Reductases C3 (AKR1C3) will be discussed including their metabolism, pathways, and key concepts of related drug design approaches. Also, we will discuss the mechanism of the estrogen related receptor and its role in hepatic metabolism and pathophysiology.