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Hyun Kil Shin
Toxicoinformatics, Department of predictive toxicology, Korea Institute of Toxicology, Daejeon, South Korea

OpenTox Virtual Conference 2021 Session 8 Summary 

Sustainable ecosystem for in silico models

Diverse in silico models have been developed and published in research articles; however, only a small portion of them were deployed and accessible to the scientific community. In silico models are alive only if they are in use. Otherwise, the models are forgotten and exist on the paper alone without life. In order to breathe life into in silico models, an ecosystem (or platform) should be fostered in which models are implemented, available, and continuously updated. In this session, we’ll focus on the deployment of in silico models to promote the use of the models.

CV: Hyun Kil Shin is currently a researcher at Korea Institute of Toxicology and working on a project titled artificial intelligence (AI) model development for safe compound design. His research focus is on the application of advanced AI algorithms on molecular structure datasets. Particularly he is interested in the development of novel molecular representation applicable to the deep learning models.