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Organ-on-Chip testing

The “Organ-on-Chip testing” session is meant to provide a general overview on the most recent advancement in the development of advanced in vitro models for toxicological applications. Organ-on-chip technology is rapidly evolving with the aim of developing more realistic and user-friendly methods mimicking human organs in vitro. This is generally achieved by increasing the complexity of the in vitro models to recreate multi-organ systems that simulate the complexity of the human body and the in vivo interactions. 

The terminology “Organ-on-Chip” is still under debate and it can refer to many different underlying technologies. In this session, we will welcome contributions from all different fields of advanced in vitro cultures, with the aim of representing the heterogenicity of this interesting sector. Different technologies adapted for the testing of different organs and multi-organ systems will be presented, with a particular focus on inhalation models and Air-Liquid-Interface exposure.