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Penny Nymark
Assistant Professor at Karolinska Institutet

OpenTox Virtual Conference 2020 Session 12: Adverse Outcome Pathways

Systematic organization of COVID-19 data supported by the Adverse  Outcome Pathway framework 

Presenting author: Penny Nymark 

The 2019 coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) engages a large number of scientists across the  world. Literature and data are emerging quickly and is made openly available to support reuse.  This enormous worldwide joint research effort on one specific disease provides us with a  unique opportunity to map and understand human biology and response to virus infection.  However, the immense amounts of information and big data are difficult to handle and  systematically review. A common basis and infrastructure for collaboration across various  disciplines is needed. The Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) framework was developed to  provide a means for interdisciplinary and systematic gathering, organization and review of  highly variable types of available data and information. The framework has, to date, mainly  been applied within the field of toxicology and chemical risk assessment, but due to its central  conceptual principles and guidelines, it is widely applicable to any medical field associated  with the need for elucidating underlying mechanisms of disease. This talk will outline newly  initiated efforts to streamline collaboration between scientists across the world towards  development of AOPs for COVID-19.