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Philip Doganis
Post-Doctoral Researcher at National Technical University of Athens

Toxicology Resources - OpenTox Session

This webinar will provide attendees with an easy introduction to Jaqpot (, a powerful and versatile nanotoxicological in silico prediction platform. 

We will examine a no-installation QSAR modelling example using Jaqpot templates requiring minimal programming skills, enabled through powerful Google Colab notebooks. 

Models built on Jaqpot can be used over the user interface or across platforms over the API and can be shared to groups with controlled access and rights. 

SABYDOMA Project: Introducing Feedback Control to Safety by Design of Nanomaterials 

One of the main innovations in the Nanomaterials (NMs) Safety by Design (SbD) concept being developed by the SABYDOMA programme (, is the introduction of advanced feedback controls to continuous production lines. In particular, a novel Model Predictive Control (MPC) methodology will be developed where the control objective will be the production of NMs which meet both the functional and the safety specifications. MPC is based on the formulation and the online solution of a mathematical optimisation problem, aiming at minimising the discrepancies from the control objectives, using a model of the production process for predicting the future behavior and response. MPC will be used to bind the whole subject of SbD from laboratory innovation to the industrial production line and from decision making processes to project governance. This is coupled with an equally important innovative step in the building and integration of high throughput online sensing platforms, which will screen the manufactured NMs at the point of production. The screening signal will guide the NMs redesign and production in a feedback loop. Screens will involve (a) physiochemical sensing elements, (b) in-vitro targets of increasing complexity from the 2 biomembranes to cell-line and more complex cell-line elements; and, (c) multiple in-vitro targets with multiple end-points; developed in current H2020 projects. At every step on the TRL ladder, the in-silico modelling will be applied to optimise and redefine the relevant activities. By the same token regulatory and governance principles of SbD will be used to refine technological development.