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 Saswati Chatterjee
St Mary’s Technical Campus Kolkata, Barasat, India

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

In various industries Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the current trends within a  significant number of software packages as well as the daily routine. Artificial Intelligence is now  becoming an area of both speculation and priorities. Though there are new trends for business owners to invest in AI technologies, lack of trained staff means that they are not reaching the peak  level to embrace AI. Machine Learning is a sub part of all AI systems. As it has augmented business applications, there is an opportunity for this technology which will be presented as a Cloud-based service known as Machine Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS). Based upon sources that provided on the internet, Artificial Intelligence will facilitate Machine Learning  algorithms to model the learning system. On the contrary there is a significant way to boost CPU power to contain Machine Learning data processing. There is a possibility to raise the capacity among the hardware vendors to redesign their machines to provide integrity to the powers of Machine  Learning. As a result Machine Learning can facilitate machines to have a better sense and meaning of  data.