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Syed Ashif Jardary Al Ahmed
Senior Software Engineer, SBX

Syed Ashif Jardary Al Ahmed received his Bachelors in Computer science from India. He is a full stack senior engineer working with SBX Corporation on NLP and text mining projects. His area of expertise include software engineering, product development and data analysis.

Taxila: An integrated knowledge hub for driving actionable insights in toxicology

With the information overload in scientific and social communications relevant to toxicology, there is an urgent need for a platform that automatically collects, curates and organizes this information on a daily basis from varied sources. Such a platform should be easy to access, organize and contextually present relevant content in addition to having a intuitive search interface for contextual navigation making it easy to derive actionable insights. Taxila, an end-to-end analysis and intelligence platform which combines state-of-the-art natural language processing and natural language understanding (NLP/NLU) algorithms to analyze text in context. It comes with a suite of analytic tools to enable the toxicology community in obtaining actionable insights. The poster will present Taxila's features with a focus on driving actionable insights from textual data relevant to toxicology.