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Claims of AI and Data Science for COVID 19

OpenTox Euro 2020 Virtual Conference Session 10 

The healthcare community in a global forum has been fighting to break the unprecedented growth of COVID-19 outbreak. The genesis of COVID-19 is due to SARS-CoV-2 virus and is proclaimed to be a global pandemic by the WHO. The researchers across the world are enabling AI mediated technologies to cultivate intelligent automated computerized models that can analyze as well as understand a large volume of data to pinpoint patterns of importance and its astuteness. Since the AI and various data analytic tools have already proven to be invaluable in predicting, classifying and forecasting any types of diseases as well as the risks associated with it in many spheres, they can be researched further to diagnose, forecast, and medicate COVID-19 infections, as well as handle its impacts. So the main intention of this session is to put together corroborative information how AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science can be considered as a tool to fight against this global menace situation with a focus on i) untimely warnings and alerts, ii) tracking and prediction, iii) diagnosis and prognosis, v) medication & cure, and vi) social control for COVID-19 and similar epidemic diseases.