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OpenTox Association - An Internal View from a Young Scientist

Hi there, I am Oana Florean, Junior Scientist, one of the enthusiastic people taking an active role in the development of The OpenTox Association (OTA) and this blog post contains my personal views.  Check it out to have a glimpse at the internal organization of the association. My story is short: I joined the association for its meaningful purpose, caught up on its activities, saw good things happening and was motivated to help in its future development.

Open TG-GATEs data access with OpenTox

Open TG-GATEs is a well-known large-scale toxicogenomics database, assembled by Japan’s Toxicogenomics Project (TGP) during 2002-2011 as a public-private partnership. The data is free for anyone to access and use for any purpose. However, effort associated with data normalisation and raw data processing remains a barrier to use in practice, and thus, in many cases, additional access methods can be very valuable.