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Ukaegbu Daniel Chinwendu
OpenTox 2021 Intern

Due to ethical concerns animals are no longer considered suitable for toxicity testing hence the 3Rs(Replace, Refine and reduce) were created to address that. The 3Rs method today has ushered in advance and highly precise method That helps scientists conduct toxicity testing and research which gives insights about the activities of toxic substances in a living organism. Not only do these method save time, energy and resources, it has provided an avenue to develop sustainable alternatives to these substance while providing scientists with a wealth of knowledge that has transformed the field of toxicology.

I am an undergraduate student of Environmental Management and toxicology at the Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, and learning about the 3Rs and its endless possibilities has transformed how I view the field of toxicology. I am particularly intrigued by Insilico methods, organ on chip models, induced pluripotent stem cells method(IPSCs). This internship at OpenTox comes in handy as it provides an opportunity to understand how these methods work and their applications in solving real-life problems working with a team of enthusiastic young researchers like myself.

Although for my undergraduate thesis I am currently working on the biopesticide effect of neem plant and scent leave on bean weevils the internship will prepare me for an amazing career in computational toxicology through the experience and skills I will gain from it. I am most particularly grateful for this internship as it has reinforced my zeal to learn data science and machine learning which are important for computational toxicology.