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OpenTox Internship Project - Toxicology Projects and Programs


The field of toxicology has gained a high amount of attention across the world in recent years. The toxicity estimation has always been an important aspect in the field of pharmacology, food, water, along with the fields of chemistry and biology. Understanding toxicology has been improved rapidly with the advent of computers as the newly developed field of, “in silico toxicology” provides already established information. A simple attempt has been made here in order to create a single repository containing all the ‘in progress and the ‘past', “Toxicology Projects and Programs” across all the continents. This includes government-funded, private organizations and university initiatives of the toxicology Projects and Programs worldwide. We believe this attempt of creating open-source data brings the scientific and the industrial community together on a common platform to utilize the data from the repository thereby improving the research in the field of toxicology. This repository categorizes different projects by defining the type of data produced and the organisms/technologies they worked etc. We believe these details help the community to get in contact with the specific project or program leads.