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OpenTox Virtual Conference 2023 Program

OpenTox 2023 Virtual Conference - Preliminary Program 

All Times in CET (e.g.13.30 CET = 7.30 am New York, 12.30 pm London, 5 pm Mumbai, 10.30 pm Tokyo)

6 November 2023

13-15 CET Session 1 - OpenToxAI - Open AI-enabled Predictive Toxicology and Next Generation Risk Assessment, Session Chair: Barry Hardy (Edelweiss Connect)


15-17 CET Session 2 - Leveraging In Silico Approaches for Advancing Adverse Outcome Pathways in Risk Assessment, Session Chair: Marvin Martens (University of Maastricht)


17-19 CET Session 3 - Endocrine Activity Predictive Models, Session Chair: Jie Liu (FDA NCTR)

7 November 2023

13-15 CET Session 4 - Metabolism Studies in Mechanistic Toxicology, Session Chair: Patrik Lundquist (Uppsala University)

15-17 CET - OpenTox Intern and Hackathon Session

17-19 CET Session 5 Advanced in vitro models for toxicity testing, Session Chair: Anja Wilmes (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

8 November 2023

13-15 CET Session 6 - FAIR Data and Models, Session Chair: Priyanka Banerjee (Charité)


15-17 CET Session 7

Collaborative Workshop Session on OpenToxAI - A Perspective and Open Framework for Application of AI in Toxicology and Risk Assessment, as presented by Barry Hardy (Edelweiss Connect) in Session 1 on 6 November. This session will be an opportunity for the group to discuss principles and issues raised by the draft perspective manifesto and article, and to also contribute with attribution to comments and suggested edits directly into the draft article document.


17-19 CET Session 8 - Practical Applications in Explainable AI supporting Predictive Toxicology, Session Chair: Swapnil Chavan (RISE)

9 November 2023

13-15 CET Session 9 - Organ on a Chip Innovation in Safer Design, Session Chair: Kasper Renggli (PMI)


15-17 CET Session 10Innovations in Predictive Biology and ToxicologySession Chair: Barry Hardy (Edelweiss Connect)


17-19 CET Session 11 - Applications in Aerosol Toxicity and Safety AssessmentSession Chair: Nastassja Lewinski (VCU)

10 November 2023

13-15 CET Session 12 - In vitro and in vivo Biokinetics – towards an open friendly solution!, Session Chair: Alicia Paini (esqLABs)


15-17 CET Session 13 - OpenTox Career Session: Panel Discussion 


17-19 CET Session 14 - Translational Applications in Hepatotoxicity Assessment, Session Chair: Minjun Chen (FDA)