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OpenTox Virtual Conference 2022 Program

A Global Meeting for a Safer World 12 - 16 September 2022

The complete 2022 program with abstracts, speaker and chair bios, poster presentations, and more will be available after our final submission deadline of 31 August 2022. 

Organizing Group: 

Yayoi Natsume (NIB, Japan), Ugis Sarkans (EBI), Paul Jennings (VUA), Tatyana Doktorova (EwC), Paula Braun (PSCI), Huixiao Hong (FDA), Pranika Singh (EwC), Barry Hardy (EwC),  Alessandro Contini (Università Degli Studi Di Milano), Harvey Clewell (Ramboll), Elisa Moschini (LIST), Alexander Tropsha (University of North Carolina),  Roland Grafström (Karolinska Institute), Marcel Leist (University of Konstanz),  Wojtek Plonka (Fujitsu), Gerhard Ecker (University of Vienna), Fred Klaessig (Pennsylvania Bio Nano Systems)

OpenTox 2022 Program

Open Science in Action

All times in Central European Summer Time (CEST)

12 September 2022

13.00 Session 1. Open Data Resources

15.00 Session 2. Open and FAIR Toxicological Data and Knowledge

17.00 Session 3.  Benchmarking induced Pluripotent Stem Cell differentiation for the development of integrated testing strategies

13 September 2022

13.00 Session 4. Computational Modelling

15.00 Session 5. PBPK and Toxicokinetics Modeling

17.00 Session 6.  NAMs-enabled Risk Assessment

14 September 2022

13.00 Session 7. NAMS and IATAs

15.00 Session 8. In vitro-based NAMs Innovation

17.00 Session 9. Mechanism-based genotoxicity risk assessment

15 September 2022

13.00 Session 10.  Application of New Approach Methods in Regulatory Science 

15.00 Session 11. Application of New Approach Methods in Industry 

17.00 Session 12. Toxicogenomics

16 September 2022

11:00-11:30 Keynote Talk: Lucian Farcal (EC JRC), Safe and sustainable by design chemicals and materials - a framework for the definition of SSbD criteria

 13.00 Session 14. Machine Learning/AI Applications

 15.00 Session 15. Toxicokinetics (Part 2)

 17.00 Session 16. Nanotechnology Informatics and Modelling